Founded in 2001, Little Owl Private School is a multicultural, coeducational and elementary day school. Our program runs from age two up to Grade 8. We are proud to offer our Little Owl Curriculum – the Ontario Curriculum and enriched developmental activities your child will love. Little Owl is registered with The Ontario Ministry of Education and follows the Ontario Curriculum, designing and delivering engaging lessons and enriching fine arts programming. In addition, our low student teacher ratio means that your child is getting the attention they need to succeed.

We place emphasis on Early Childhood development and education. Little Owl teachers foster the development of the whole child from Preschool to Middle School. We use discovery-based learning activities, sensory manipulatives, and developmental centres to get your child to fully engage in the lessons and apply their knowledge to the outside world. We assess your child’s understanding and challenge them to continue their next developmental phase.

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