Founded in 2001, Wise Owl Private school, previously known as Little Owl Private School, is a multicultural, coeducational private school. Our program runs from Pre-school (age 2+) to Grade 10. We are proud to offer our own curriculum – the Ontario Curriculum and enriched academic activities your child will enjoy. 

Wise Owl is registered with The Ontario Ministry of Education and follows the Ontario Curriculum, designing and delivering engaging lessons and enriching fine arts programming. In addition, our low student teacher ratio means that your child is getting the attention they need to succeed. In the pre-school and kindergarten program, we place emphasis on Early Childhood development and education. 

Teachers in the Pre-school and Kindergarten program uses discovery-based learning, sensory manipulative, and developmental centres to engage your child in lessons and apply their knowledge to their surroundings. From Elementary school to High school, students are being assessed and challenged to think outside the box, channel their inner self and creativity through hands-on, student-centered approaches.

Our Mission, Vision & Goals

Vision Statement

“Wise Owl is dedicated to providing an educational, safe and enriching that fosters the uniqueness of each student, gives them an opportunity to channel their inner creativity & personality and guide, motivate them to become resilient, emotionally support, responsible, respectful global citizens.” 

Mission Statement

Wise Owl challenges students to achieve academic excellence and prepares them to be critical, curious, passionate thinkers, global citizens so they can thrive in academics, arts, and athletics. 

Student’s Learner Profile

Wise Owl Private School offers wonderful educational programs for young children. We take care to teach, nurture, and respect our students, leading them on countless learning adventures. When you join Wise Owl Private School, you not only join a school, but you also join a family. We wish to provide you with our policies and guidelines so that you may be fully aware of our commitment to you, and so that you are aware of your responsibilities as a member of our school.

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