At Little Owl, we believe firmly in the potential of children to use their imagination to succeed. True, we have faculty who can teach material, and an environment to foster friendship and learning, but the greatest foundation a child has with regards to learning, is their boundless ability to create. This creativity helps children to succeed in all areas of the curriculum. Creativity helps children become problem solvers and logical thinkers, something that is needed in the wide range of subjects that are taught under the present curriculum. We also believe that creativity makes each child unique making every child special in their own way. Learning with others who have different creativity to their helps them to develop their social skills and become well rounded students who are passionate about learning. We strongly believe that children are the ones who can lead their way to success and it us our duty as their educators to help them achieve this success. 

We are here to help your child grow and become the best learner they can be to achieve their goals. We encourage all interests that a child may have whether it be fascination in Science, imaginative story writing, solving problems in Maths, becoming the next artist, singer, dancer or an interest in history. They will succeed not because we tell them to, but because in the right environment, they will grow and shine all by themselves.

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