At Little Owl, the co-curricular programs are designed to enhance the knowledge of various subjects amongst students of all ages. Provided down below are the co-curricular programs and their descriptions.

Arts & Architecture

In Arts & Architecture club, students will explore a wide variety of materials and mediums, learning different art techniques and architecture designs, while acquiring new skills and having tons of fun.

Drama Club

To be or not to be, that is the question! All the world’s a stage and what better way to better to showcase your talents through performing drama. In this club, students will practice their performance skills through fun and engaging activities and practices.

French Club

BONJOUR TOUT LE MONDE ! In this club, students will not only learn how to introduce themselves in French, but also learn to read, write in French. They will have the opportunity to participate in activities that will teach them the culture and language of the city of lights! AMUSEZ-VOUS!

Math & Science Club

In Math and Science, students will get to explore the subjects: Science and Math through hands-on experiences, such as fascinating science experiments and fun, engaging activities which will allow them to think outside the box and challenge themselves to think about how they can apply what they learn into their lives.

Music and Voice Club

The voice is the most versatile instrument. It can be loud or quiet, soft or hard. In this club, students will learn to master this musical tool, have the opportunity to explore other musical instruments as well as to practice singing a variety of songs.

Russian Club 

In Russian club, students will get the opportunity to practice the ‘Russian’ language and learn about the language & culture through detailed lessons. In addition, students will become engrossed in the rich history of the country and the texture of the language.

English Club

In this club, students will practice speaking, writing and reading English in an informal environment through interactive, detailed & interesting activities and

lesson which will allow the students challenged themselves to take what they learn and apply to normal day living.

History Club

In this History club, students will learn about History and World Civilization, become familiarize with 6 Traits of Civilization and so many more interesting concepts through fun activities and lessons.

Private Piano Lessons

Our music teacher has many years of experience and have performed at over 50 unique locations. For beginner lessons, students will learn about the basics, learning to read notes and rhythms, as well as how to play the scales, basic chords. Moreover, they will learn other tools that are essential in playing any style of music. As for intermediate and advanced lessons, students will learn more sight reading, accompaniment and performance pieces.

Private Violin Lessons

Our teacher has been playing the violin since early childhood, was part of two orchestras for a number of years, as well as has performed in various charity events and school concerts. For beginner lessons, students will start off by learning the basics, such as how to hold a violin properly, how to stand and how to hold the violin bow. In addition, they will learn to read basic notes and rhythms, as well as how to play the scales and slowly learn some performance songs. Once they master the basics, they will move on to learning more advanced skills such as how to do a trill and performance etiquettes, so they are well prepared for performance.

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