The Elementary and Middle School program is an enriched program based on the current Ontario Curriculum. At Wise Owl, we offer a well-rounded academic program, which gives students the opportunity to explore their creativity, interests and originality. Students are given the attention they require, with small class sizes and individual care, to achieve success in their academic endeavors.  

Moreover, the Elementary and Middle school program provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and prepare them for the next phase in their academic careers. Students are given the opportunity to work independently and in collaborative groups. This promotes the development of leadership skills and ensures that students have the etiquette and good manners needed to succeed in life. Lastly, homework is also provided to consolidate learning and give them the learning skills that will help them succeed in their academic careers. 


At Wise Owl, the Elementary and Middle school Program students also engage in regular physical activity into the school day which gives them the opportunity to develop strength, co-ordination, and healthy routines. In addition, various programs are being provided where students are exposed to different forms of art.  

The Arts

Our Visual Arts program enhances their visual coordination. Additionally, the Drama program provides students the opportunity to be creators and to comment on and contribute to each other’s work. Lastly, the Music program exposes students to various kinds of music – Jazz, Classical, Modern, Pop, etc. It also provides students with the opportunity to interact with one another and form a unity using the most versatile instrument – their voice. These arts programs offer students the ability to express their emotional intelligence in concert with the skills and knowledge they learn throughout the year.

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