At Little Owl Preschool Elementary, we Teach Your Children Well. That means we use discovery-based learning methods and universally designed lessons. We also love to celebrate your child, our holidays, and the outside world. We go on fieldtrips, and we invite special guests and performers to engage and delight. A rounded developmental experience full of learning and inquiry is gained. Character development and education are key at Little Owl Preschool Elementary. We foster the development of confident, happy, and loving individuals. Our commitment to your child is reflected in our core values as our SPIRIT.

Support: With our support your child will develop confidence, self worth, and self-esteem.

Passion: We are passionate about your child succeeding in all their endeavours, present and future.

Integrity: Everything at Little Owl Preschool Elementary is done with integrity and honesty, so as to lead by example.

Respect: We respect your child’s feelings without judgment or criticism.

Imagination: Innovation and creativity are encouraged in every activity your child undertakes.

Trust: We assist your child in developing confidence and trust for self and others.

I thank you for choosing Little Owl Preschool Elementary.

Natasha Galinskaya 
Little Owl Preschool Elementary

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